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Wild West Pest Control provides pest treatment, control, and extermination services to homes and businesses throughout Las Cruces, NM. My company is locally owned and operated, and my staff and myself are thoroughly trained in the elimination of all kinds of pests that are determined to make your home or place of business their home as well.

I back up my guarantee to rid your living and working spaces of these unwelcome guests with 15 years of experience in the pest inspection and extermination business. I have the skills, the equipment, and when necessary, the chemicals to do the job right, and do it thoroughly. I use eco-friendly products. My objective is to rid a structure of destructive, disease-carrying, and unwanted guests, while keeping it safe for its regular occupants.

There are steps people can take to prevent incursions by insects or rodents, and I am always willing to offer advice or recommendations to that end. Eradication on the other hand, is generally best left to professionals, who know how to look for nests, colonies, or hiding places where pests are apt to be.

Customer satisfaction is my number one objective. It is a major driver behind the growth of my business, and I take a great deal of pride and satisfaction when I know my clientele have a deep appreciation for my services. If you have, or suspect you have, a pest problem, get in touch with me right away. You can expect a prompt response and a favorable outcome.

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